Fire Risk At Willy Howe

Following further discussions with our landlord, flying may immediately resume, for all types of model.  Please note that:

a) The crop field to the West of the field is a ‘no fly zone’ until the crops have been harvested, or the weather changes

b) Should models be seen in this ‘no fly zone’, ALL flying will cease until the crops are harvested, or the weather changes

c) Fire Extinguishers will become mandatory – largely for use in the pits as necessary.  Please note that under no circumstances should anyone attempt to stop a crop fire, and the primary  consideration in dealing with a fire is personal safety.

Obviously, this requires a common-sense approach to selecting a model suitable for the temporary restriction, and the weather on the day.

Given the temporary nature of this ‘no fly zone’ there are no proposals to change the current ‘no fly zone’ over the pits/parking area (existing Field Safety Rules apply).

Thank you for your continued understanding.