September 2020 - Typhoon Jet

Maiden flight of Ian H’s Eurofighter Typhoon over Willy Howe.
Video courtesy of Andy F.

August 2020 - SE5a with onboard camera

Following the sad demise of the Dynam Waco (see below) its camera and FPV gear have now been installed into a Super Flying Models SE5a. No diving at 90mph with this one.

July 2020 - Why not to go too fast

Steve P discovers the true meaning of flutter (control surface vibration) and VNE (never exceed speed).

July 2020 - Kev's new Hellcat

Steve B has a go with Kev’s shiny new Hellcat.

June 2020 - Kev demonstrates flying without an elevator

The elevator on Kev’s Texan became disconnected. Interesting flight.

June 2020 - Kev's Mustang

Kev and his able assistant Steve B flying Kev’s Mustang at Willy Howe. Multiple landings.

June 2020 - Ben Buckle Junior 60 over WHMFC

A very grey day but another good day of flying.

(There is an article by Ian P which includes photos of the construction of his J60. See here.)

May 2020 - F14 Tomcat Zooms over WHMFC

Another beautiful EDF jet has appeared at WHMFC. This time a Tomcat flown by our very own Tom Cruise / Steve B   🙂

May 2020 - Two maiden flights on the same day

All that time stuck at home at least helped get some new aeroplanes built. Ian’s F15 and Duncan’s Hellcat take to the air for the first time.

May 2020 - Back to flying

Just after the first phase of strict UK movement restrictions  – back to flying with a Ian’s new Tiger Moth and Eric’s Thunderbolt.

March 2020 - Swept back wings

Just before the strict UK movement restrictions came into force – some fast flying.

This is a converted slope soarer that was converted into a motorised speed machine by adding a powerful motor. Controlled by elevons (no rudder). Battery is 4S.

March 2020 - Albatros DV short attempt at Maiden

Just before the strict UK movement restrictions came into force – a brief attempt at flight for a Dynam Albatross.

The pilot failed to hold a straight line on the takeoff run. There are a number of reasons why a plane can swerve to one side on takeoff – weather cocking into wind from the side or one of four design/physics issues. Google for ” left turning tendency of aeroplane” for more info about the four issues.

 The plane is now repaired (easy fix to undercarriage). Awaiting a chance for a second attempt………………

March 2020 - SE5a Maiden

Early March saw some nice flying weather. A chance to try out a Winter build!

This SE5a model is a small wooden built kit by Super flying Models (1200mm wingspan). This example is in the colours of a privately owned 1920s racer.

It flew nicely with a good turn of speed. But its going to take practice to fly well.

January 2020 - Winter Builds

Even in Winter its still possible to fly now and again. But when its just too wet and windy you can always spend time building planes ready for those summer days to come..

RC planes can be built from balsa wood kits or from foam kits. The photos below show a wood kit SE5a by “Super Flying Models” and a foam kit Albatros DV by “Dynam”.

Wood kit planes can take weeks to construct while a foam kit plane can be put together in a couple of hours. They fly just the same and a modern foam model can look very convincing. Its also true to say that a foam plane can be more easily fixed after one of those bad landings!

January 2020 - Learning to fly at Willy Howe Model Flying Club

Neil learning to fly a plane helped by Ian.

Each pilot has his own transmitter radio connected to each other. The instructor can quickly take back control of the plane to help the student out of any tight corners while he learns to fly.

January 2020 - Comet stall

Good session on this mid January day. Very cold but otherwise great weather for flying.

Sadly a beautiful DH88 Comet came unstuck on its landing approach. But all part of the hobby and it will fly again.