17th December 2018 - VisionAire and Tundra

Steve B’s VisionAire and Steve P’s Tundra on a cold afternoon.

The Parkzone VisionAire is a small 1.14m foam electric plane for 3D park flying.

The Durafly Tundra is a 1.3m span foam plane supplied by Hobbyking. Its flaps, large wheels and sprung undercarriage are good for rough fields and short landings.

We had a visit from a local hunt at one point. They skirted the field before disappearing into the distance. They were very polite about the whole thing. Luckily we were between flights. No horses were spooked and no planes were eaten by hounds.

18th November 2018 - Ranger Maiden

Steve P’s new Volantex Ranger 1600 in the air for the first time. It has a plastic body and foam wings. Plastic body allows a thinner fuselage wall giving more internal space for electronics.

17th October 2018 - Keith's Funcub rides the breeze

A Funcub STOL RC plane on an Autumn morning. Takeoff is steep and the landing is steeper. Very versatile little plane.

10th October 2018 - Ray's Spitfire takes to the air for the first time

Nice sunny morning for it. Spitfire was a bit twitchy for its first flight – reducing elevator travel calmed it down for later flights. Landing not helped by little wheels!

5th October 2018 - Indoor Flying at Bridlington Sports Hall

Not even the strongest winds can keep WHMFC on the ground.

3rd October 2018 - Twin Commanche over Willy Howe

Ian tries out some twin motor flying with his restored Piper Twin Commanche model. Weather was grey and breezy.

August 30th 2018 - A Windy Afternoon at WHMFC

Ian flys his Cessna and MX2 in strong winds. And doesn’t crash.

August 1st 2018 - P47 Thunderbolt on Yorkshire Day 🙂

Steve B and his P47.

July 13th 2018 - Kev bravely maidens his new Extra on Friday the 13th

New Extra on the field. Smart yellow finish very popular with local bug life. No problems, successful flight.

July 4th 2018 - Independence Day at the field

A bit of a grey day but calm and warm.

July 1st 2018 - Kilham 'Fun Day'

Ian, Andy W, Ray, Peter and Paul put on a stall at Kilham’s ‘Fun Day’ event to promote the club.
Paul’s verdict: “Glorious sunshine, good banter, free drinks and Ray’s jokes. What more could you ask for? Excellent chilled day out.”

June 27th 2018 - Sbach 342 at the field

HK Sbach 342 1400mm plane fitted with FPV camera and equipment – although flown LOS “Line of Sight” on this occasion.

The video is “as seen” on the ground while the plane is in flight (rather than recorded on the plane in HD). Left hand “number ladder” shows air speed in mph, right hand shows height in feet. The end of the video shows the planes curving path as the pilot tries to find the runway for landing.. 

June 11th 2018 - Celtic Cross

Tundra RC plane lands on WHMFC’s club field. It can be seen that the WHMFC runway design at this time was heavily influenced by early Celtic culture 😉

June 9th 2018 - Spot landing Competition

Members competed to land as close as possible to a target on the ground. Our worthy winner was Duncan seen below holding his silver spitfire trophy.

June 1st 2018 - Gliders and Engines

A nice warm day and a bit of variety on the field. Bob and Richard bring their 3m span electric gliders (small electric motors get the gliders off the ground high enough to look for thermals) while Kev brings a pair of aerobatic planes each equipped with a powerful engine.

May 21st 2018 - FPV (First Person View where plane is flown through camera)

FPV (First Person View) is another way of enjoying model aircraft flight.

A video signal from an onboard camera on an aircraft in flight is beamed down to a monitor or goggles on the ground. This allows the pilot to fly the aircraft as if he/she is in the cockpit. It gives an extra angle to model flying.

Its not as expensive as you might think for the basic equipment. And no license is required – just follow the UK “Drone Code”.

May 21st 2018 - "Dual Control" Training Session for new member Andy W
(two radios able to control one plane)

May 12th 2018 - Club promotion at Bridlington Morrisons

May 11th 2018 - Shiny red mower arrives for action (mower not stored at field)

May 9th 2018 - Steve B. and his Spitfire

May 7th 2018 - Bank Holiday Monday

April 19th 2018 - First really good day of the year for flying

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