December 2019 - The last day of 2019.

New Year’s Eve was a perfect flying day for light models. No wind, blue sky and sunshine. Just a bit cold.

Photos and short video of activities at our club field. Join us and learn to fly in 2020 – we welcome new members.

December 2019 - Plane meets Tree. Tree wins.

Sad end of a H-King J3 Navy Cub 1400mm on a windy December day today.

New pilot was flying Line of Sight at the time and not through the FPV camera (video shows FPV camera view).

Just a LOS distance perception mistake – the pilot believed the plane had cleared the trees and thought it was safe to be low as he flew towards field. Hey Ho. I think we’ve all been there!

October 2019 - Flying between the showers

Just to show flying can continue even when its wet, windy, cold and the government are chucking daft new rules in our direction!
Three short less-than-a-minute videos of flying in the last week of October.

October 2019 - Visit to Kilham Primary School

Club chairman Ian visited a local school to show some WW2 aeroplane models to the kids. A lot of interest generated and a lot of questions asked!

(We did have a link to photos on the school site but link is now broken.)

October 2019 - Duncan maidens his Yak 3 Reno Racer. Briefly.

Duncan tries out his beautiful Yak for the first time. Footage published by kind permission of the pilot.

July 2019 - Compilation of short video clips

Some landings are good and some are more “interesting” 🙂

July 2019 - Sbach 342 FPV Landing

An Sbach 342 model aeroplane being landed “FPV” style. In other words landing it as if the pilot is sitting in the cockpit of the plane.

The pilot wears goggles which are fed with a live video transmission down from the model planes onboard camera.

FPV = By far the cheapest way to fly a high performance aerobatic aeroplane for real..!

June 30th 2019 - Kilham Super Sunday family event

A group of club members put some of their planes on display and talked to interested visitors about RC flying.
Great way to let people know about WHMFC and find new members. It had been hoped to put a plane into the air but it was just too windy.
Photos by Pete C.

June 29th 2019 - Club Competition Winners

Ray kindly organised a spot landing competition for the club this summer.
Winner – for the second year running – of the coveted Andy Plunkett Memorial Cup was Duncan. Paul came a close second.

June 2019 - Red Waco biplane in the air

Friday flying old style with a Dynam Waco YMF-5D sports plane. 1270mm wingspan foam plane.

June 2019 - Duncan maidens his orange tango plane

Good conditions for flying one fine Saturday morning.

June 2019 - Eric flying his Riot and micro Pitts Python in gusty winds

After what feels like weeks of wind and rain club members make the most of a dry (but still windy) day.
(Still waiting for summer 2019 in East Yorks…..)

May 2019 - South Yorkshire visitors

A group of model fliers from the Sheffield area spent a week with us flying from our field.
And to add to the fun a cable inspection helicopter happened to stop by and land on our field for a short time.

April 2019 - Happy Landings

Some random clips of planes landing.

April 2019 - Ray's Storch flown for first time

Ray tries out his beautiful Fieseler Storch plane.

April 2019 - Warbird flying

Ian flying his Seafury and Mosquito.

February 2019 - Some amazing days of warm weather

Club members took advantage of some unusually pleasant days in February to get some flying in.

14th January 2019 - Waco maiden

Steve P’s Dynam Waco YMF-5D flies for the first time. Just a few brief test flights in between spells of drizzle.

Its a model of a three seater – pilot in the rear cockpit and two passengers side by side in the front cockpit.

Leisure flying for the well-to-do, 1930s style.
(its actually a model of a 2009 plane which was a development of a 1986 design which in turn was based on a 1934 plane)